Who We Are

The Mission of HYPE Athletics Community is to create and strengthen infrastructures that support the positive development of Wayne County youth through athletic participation and competition, educational tutoring and literacy development, and social awareness including mentoring, counseling, life skills training and substance abuse education and prevention.

Established in 2001, HYPE focused on providing communities with drug-free, violent-free and diverse athletic events and programs for kids and adults.

Today HYPE Athletics Community is deep-rooted, nonprofit community based organization that partners with federal, state and local agencies, corporations, foundations and leaders to provide services, programs. Support through our many community campaigns such as Feed Detroit, Tutor Challenge, Youth and Adult Athletic Programs, Fitness and Health Services and Education with ACT / SAT Support, Career and Leadership Development, Mentoring, Life Skills, Drug Prevention, Homework Assistance, Reading and Math Programs, Teach and Feed Green House Project and much more.

Renovating this metropolitan from a post-crisis region into a healthier, safer and quality environment will require talent and a brave new approach of thinking.  HYPE is committed and equipped to be the change we want to see.


In January of 2001, Ali Sayed mobilized young leaders, business people and industry professionals and elected officials to support an effort to provide drug-free, violent-free and diverse programs that advocated for tolerance, unity and acceptance among the many races, religions and ethnicities of the region. Metro Detroit is concentrated with the representatives from all parts of the world. The heritage and culture brought to the region is the cornerstone to the success of the region both in the past and the present.

  • Since the start of the century, recreation Centers around the country have seen a rapid decline in funding leading to the closure of thousands of centers. The City of Detroit alone has experienced over 30 closures alone since 2001. HYPE is committed to establishing a model that works for the community first. The methods behind low cost services are no secret. Reduce wasteful spending and focus on the objective.

In addition,

  • HYPE prides itself on a partner or parish philosophy, where engaging with local government, schools, religious, and community based organizations is made the number one priory to meeting the objectives and goals.