HYPE Green Project – GREEN HOUSE

HYPE Kids Gardening Program “Teach and Feed” (Outdoor Gardening)
Kids love using their hands to create things. Gardening is very interactive and engaging activity that excites our youth to not only learn more about healthy fresh foods, but actually cook and eat them! What better way to show them how much fun fresh foods are by letting them plant a garden. It can be as simple as one plant in a single pot or a full designated garden plot. Kids will enjoy seeing the “fruits” of their labor. Make healthy foods and nutrition fun for them to learn about.
The HYPE Kids Gardening program will be enhanced with parental partners. We invite moms and dads to partake in your child’s planting experience. The produce grown will be provided to needy families for little or no cost. Thus the name “Teach and Feed”
Registration for this program will open on March 1st and pre-registration will be required because of limited space. We’ll have 36 planting plots roughly 30 sq. ft. per plot.
Who: Co-ed ages 6+
When: April – September
Cost: TBD – Please visit www.hypeathletics.org for updates
Instructor: Caleb Lucas, Neighborhood Growth Initiatives.Requirements: Classroom and outdoor teaching will be required, which will include: hands on, program and videos.
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NEW! HYPE Organic Food Production

Trained youth and adults may join our team of environmental professionals in our newly built 1000 sq. ft. Geodesic Greenhouse. The participants will participate in the new form of hydroponic planting.

Greenhouse with Raised Beds
Aquaculture: Tilapia, Perch or Catfish
A low-maintenance system will be built and deployed in the existing greenhouse for the purpose of raising a designated fish species for food. This fish system will simultaneously serve as a participant-learning opportunity for others to replicate.
Cost: TBD – Please visit www.hypeathletics.org for updates
Click here to register!  (Coming soon) NEW! HYPE Makerspace

A makerspace is a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build. Makerspaces provide tools and space in a community environment – a library, community center, private organization, Expert advisors will be available during the program time. Student will engage in building project based on technology, wood shop, welding, 3D printing and many more physical learning opportunities.

Location: HYPE
Time: TBD – Please visit www.hypeathletics.org for updates
Instructor: Dr. William Lumpkin
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