Personal Training

Make fitness a lifestyle! Train with HYPE’s experienced and certified trainers that are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals! Each personal-training session will be at-least one (1) hour in which one of our personal-trainers will create an individual training plan which consists of nutrition, exercise selection and routine as well as frequent monitoring of your short-term and long-term goals!


Goal-Setting • Nutrition • Cardiovascular Endurance • Muscular Strength • Muscular Endurance • Flexibility • Body Composition

Personalized training to meet your personal needs!

FREE Fitness Assessment:
Meet with a certified personal-trainer to assess your fitness needs including flexibility, body composition, muscular strength and muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. This session also provides an orientation of the equipment and exercises to start-with.

Personal-Training Fees (per session):
Personal $35.00
Group of 2 $55.00
Group of 3 $65.00
Group of 4 $75.00
*$10.00/each additional participant


HYPE Sports Performance Division provides high level sports performance training to provide the athlete with the necessary tools to improve their game whether it be on the field, court, ice or pool. We use scientific-based training to increase athleticism through periodized strength training, speed & agility development, plyometrics, dynamic flexibility, core development and injury prevention.

Contact us at (313) 436-0043 to schedule your personal, group or athletic development training session.