Health Education

Program overview:

Today record numbers of children and adolescents are at risk for serious health problems because they are overweight. Dieting is not the only answer. HYPE Athletics Community is committed to educating youth and families about the importance of calorie intake and how to increase physical activity to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Education on the steps of living a healthy and physically fit lifestyle is the beginning of helping your family progress and excel. The following are 7 steps to abide by in order to reach the health goals for you and your family.


HYPE is committed to reducing obesity and living a healthier lifestyle. We offer a “Get Fit-NEW ME” (Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Management Effort) program. This initiative, inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama, consists of advanced physical education that includes all aspects of health awareness and physical activity including sports, games and teamwork stations. HYPE utilizes networks and strategic partners to bring nutritionists, health organizations, personal trainers, guest speakers and equipment that benefit youth participants and their parents.


  1. The Decision is Yours – Make the commitment as a family to be aware of nutrition and planning physical activity. Develop healthy habits through education, organization, goal setting, discipline and accountability.
  2. Know Yourself – Where are you now? Through a dietary and a physical assessment, you can understand the nutritional and fitness habits of your family. By utilizing family foods and fitness journals, you will be able to check and review entries in order to help your family stay accountable and reach their desired goals.
  3. The Basics of Healthy Eating – Educate your family on eating healthy by knowing the facts behind weight management, smart grocery shopping, comprehending nutritional facts and preparing healthy meals and snacks.
  4. Physical Activity – Get Fit! Integrate an everyday routine that increases exercise in your family’s daily lives. Learn the benefits of “Getting Fit” and what risks and health implications can occur from unhealthy living, bad eating habits and the lack of physical activity. Energy levels and stress are directly affected by poor eating habits and lack of exercise. There are also emotional benefits that are directly related to practicing healthy living and exercising daily.
  5. Organization is the Key to Success – Set Goals! Plan-Practice-Persistence. Creating a routine through set processes allows your family to see progress and achieve their goals. Setting realistic goals is very important to the consistency of the routine and keeping a positive state of mind. By utilizing your journals your family can create weekly planners that will act as a template for success and keep them on track.
  6. Use the Tools Available to You – Research methods to make healthy, convenient and cost effective meals for your family. Simple initiatives such as making a pre-determined shopping list, utilizing healthy recipe books, reviewing nutritional facts and eating as a family will help accountability in achieving a healthy lifestyle.
  7. A Support System to Assist Your Family to Healthy Living – Establish an environment at home, in-school and within your community that is conscious of good eating habits and physical activity. Use checklists, health awareness literature and fun activities to promote and achieve healthy lifestyles in your family.