In an effort to provide the HYPE Recreation Center(s) members with a safe, member’s only environment, guest passes will only be granted to a guest accompanied by an existing member. All members & guests enter. Members will only be allowed three (3) annual guest passes and each guest must become a member to gain future entry. All guests will be required to complete a liability waiver upon entrance to the HYPE Recreation Centers. The HRC(s) reserves the right to deny a guest pass.


Program Registration Policy

  • You will receive a confirmation only when you register online.
  • If your class is scheduled to meet outside and bad weather occurs, check www.hypealthetics.org for cancellation updates.
  • All registration for programs takes place through the HRC(s) unless otherwise noted.
  • A $3 processing fee is assessed on all credit card transaction.
  • A $25 processing fee will be assessed on all returned checks.
  • Multiple discounts can’t be combined.
  • Registration is required for all free programs. Please treat these as fee-based programs. Absences will be limited as your seat will be replaced.


Program Refund Policy

  • Participants will have program fees fully refunded when classes are cancelled by HRC(s). in lieu of a refund, you may choose to have account credit towards a future program, or HYPE membership.
  • There is no refund issued once a program begins.
  • Before a programs begins, a refund will be issued if  you choose not to participate, except for uniform cost, materials, or supplies. (administration fee may apply).
  • Account credit towards other HYPE Recreation programs is given when a participate drops a class for a medical reason. A doctor’s note is required and the amount will be pro-rated. this request must be made within 7 days of the medical reason.
  • HRC will not issue refunds based on a participant’s inability to attend class. This includes but is not limited to schedule conflicts, sick days, vacations etc.
  • A Refund Request From must be filled out for all requests listed above. Allow 2 weeks for processing refunds. A refund will only be issued by check or credit card.


Gym Rules and Regulations

  • No food, drinks or gum allowed- noncompliance will result in removal from the HRC(s)
  • No cell phones bags or personal belongings on the courts, & or bleachers. All belongings must be locked up in locker.
  • Only Tennis, Basketball, and indoor futsal shoes are allowed in the gym. No boots, no cleats & no high heels.
  • Proper behavior required at all-time
  • Basketball, soccer ball & volleyball rental is your responsibility- do not take any ball out the building. Account holder will be held responsible at full retail value for lost, stolen or damaged balls of any kind.


Co-ed Fitness Room & Women’s Only Fitness Room Rules & Regulation

  • No one under age 14 allowed in. Respect all members and equipment.
  • Do not slam, drop, clang, or throw the dumbbells on the floor when you are finished. No grunting- It is not necessary and indicates inefficient breathing. Be courteous. No horseplay. No cursing or foul language.
  • No slamming weight or dropping of weights, return weight plates & dumbbells to their designated places.
  • Wear clean clothes while working out. Good personal hygiene is appreciated.
  • Dry, closed-top athletic shoes are required. No dress shoes, boots or sandals are permitted.
  • No food allowed in the gyms
  • Please be courteous to all members and wipe down your machine after each use.
  • Take part in your free orientation with a fitness specialist/trainer.
  • Do not take any weights outside of the gym unless instructed by a trainer.
  • Misusing the equipment can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment; follow directions and instructions. Noncompliance may result in membership review or removal.